Drill Bits

Our team at A-TECH is committed to bringing you exceptional service and competitive prices. We have extensive experience working in the energy industry and understand that the job often calls for advanced and reliable equipment. We offer full line of PDC and roller cone bits that work with traditional and unconventional drilling methods.   



  • Our specialists provide deep analysis of the application, based technical and geological information together with the offset bit records, evaluate possible challenges and provide solutions  
  • Our partners are capable to provide PDC and Roller cone bits, tailored with the newest concepts and utilize the latest cutter technologies, made by world-class manufacturers, for drilling in most difficult applications, including HT/HP conditions
  • We provide both sales and service options. In both cases we provide strong engineering support and our experts will provide you full technical recommendations. Our bit runners at the rig site will ensure the best performance of drill bits while running the bits
  • We can do bit selection based on customers’ requirements, dull grade and post well analysis, provide recommendations for the future wells.
  • Our goal is to ensure that we meet customers’ expectations regarding rate of penetration and bits’ performance and always aspire to exceed them.