Drill Bits

A-TECH offers high grade of quality PDC bits for full range of sizes (3-1/2 to 26 in.) and applications under its own brand, available in both steel and matrix body executions. Steel bodies are milled out of high quality stainless steel, that ensures superior strength thus allowing to increase blade stand-off and enhance cleaning capabilities, while not compromising bit reliability. Blades are been covered with premium hard alloy, providing protection against erosion and abrasive wear while drilling through abrasive stringers.

Matrix bodied bits, comprised of hard tungsten carbide alloy, keep high rate of abrasion and erosion resistance even in the most challenging applications, meantime not sacrificing bit strength and fatigue resistance.


Bit designs are been developed by group of research, design, engineering and product development experts. This allows  A-TECH to offer both standard and customized designs, suitable for specific application. To satisfy Customers’ needs and provide best solution for given challenge the Bit Optimization process is established to achieve these goals


To guarantee maximum rate of penetration and the longest bit life A-TECH utilizes premium PDC cutters. High quality customized bits together with strong engineering support allow A-TECH to supply competitive
products for the best price.


A-TECH bits are represented in three series, that aim various performance purposes: 

Series o the Performance bits are designed for drilling in soft and mediumhard rocks, where high low-value and short-living items are expected. Bit cutting structure is optimized for a large depth of cutting of the cutter, as well as the bits hydraulic can effectively clean the bits from a large amount of cuttings

Series of the Endurance bits has a solid bit cutting that provides long drilling intervals in hard rock. The profile is also optimized for limiting damage to bit cutting structure in interlayering of sundry solid rocks.


Series of the Directional bits are best suited for directional drilling. They provide good side cutting simultaneously with a stable slope angle.

A-TECH bits are capable to cover big diversity of application challenges. We know exactly what bit will work the best and we have it!

 To describe main A-TECH PDC bit attributes and features, we apply following abbreviation scheme:

All our bits are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and API Spec 7-1 Quality Requirements.

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